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Sunrise over the Ocean

Ocean Sunrise & Little Girl

I wanted to photograph a sunrise over the ocean several years ago. I awoke early, dragged my sleepy daughter, set the camera on a tripod, loaded the camera with film and waited for that perfect moment.


Sunrise Runner


I’m heading off on vacation. See you in 2 weeks.

Early Morning…

Trees, Forest, Fog, Mist

Early morning fog and mist in Gettysburg National Park.

Early Morning…

Early Morning on a Lake

Early morning on a lake.
A damaged dock floats in the water.

Sunrise Jogger


In the morning, there are those who love to run.
I’m not in that camp.

Sunrise in the Capital

The Washington Monument in Washington DC.

Viewing the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial.

New York City Sunrise

New York City Sunrise

New York City Sunrise and the Empire State Building.