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leaf, raindrop

…on a leaf.
Photograph made looking out my bathroom window.

Flower Petals

flower petals

Closeup view of flower petals.

Old Barn

barn, farm, field, B&W, fine art

Medium format Kodak film. Processed and developed in my darkroom.


While I was visiting and photographing in the Valley of Fire State Park, I was being watched.
I’m not sure if they’re from the CIA or NSA but they were watching me.

Misty Morning

Some moments are like a fairy tale.

Life in the Desert

Remember when you’re lost in the desert and very thirsty cactuses are the soft-drink of choice. The photograph was made in the desert not far from one of my favorite places, Las Vegas. (I’m not a gambler. I love the lights and the spectacle.)

The Winter That Wasn’t

On the East Coast, in New Jersey, winter has been mild this year. While I’m not complaining, it gets old very fast having to shovel, I have captured a few snow photographs over the years that I’m proud of. The image above was taken with a medium format camera in Sussex County while it was snowing. The film was T-Max, developed and printed in my old darkroom.

Mother Nature

I haven’t gone on a good hike in a long time.