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Star Trek

Star Trek, Galileo, Shuttlecraft, Science Fiction, TV, Televison

The original Star Trek Galileo Shuttlecraft from the TV show
is restored and on display in the USS Intrepid in New York.


Freedom Tower

Hudson River Greenway, Freedom Tower, Manhattan, New York City

A walk along the Hudson River Greenway with the Freedom Tower in the distance.

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park, New York City, Manhattan

A beautiful day in the park in New York City.

Freedom Tower

New York City, NYC, Freedom Tower, Manhattan

The Freedom Tower is on the left and the new transit hub in the lower right.

Street Art

Graffiti, John Lennon, Art, Street Art

John Lennon. In Living Color.

Fire Escape

Fire Escape, Apartment Building

An apartment building in New York.

Washington Square Park Artist

An artist works on his painting in Washington Square Park in Man

An artist in Washington Square Park, New York City, paints the arc