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March of the Wooden Nutcrackers

Onward they March! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year,
to all and to all a good night.

Paterson, NJ

A two family apartment house in Paterson in the 1970’s. It is abandoned because a highway was scheduled to be built through this area and the local inhabitants had to move. – the law of Eminent Domain. I know this because I was one of them. The highway was never built, the house was torn down and the area was cleaned up.

What Really Matters…..

What really matters to me is my family. Not my job as a photographer but my son, daughter and wife. I was reminded of that fact a little over a week ago when my wife had a very close call. She was headed to work and just a few blocks from her job the car she was driving wasn’t accelerating properly. There was a bang under the car and a fire started. She pulled over, got out, dialed 911, the fire engines quickly arrived and the fire was contained. Afterwards a fireman determined that the cause was the catalytic converter. It had ruptured causing the fuel line to break with gasoline spilling out. Then the fireman told my wife, “You were very, very lucky that the car wasn’t engulfed in flames while you were still in it. You were very, very lucky.” My wife was naturally in shock to hear that, but I think that I was upset more than she. Almost, in a split second, my life would have changed and I would have lost my best friend. And the manner of that lost was too grisly to think about. Recently I watched a movie “The Captains”. It was a documentary about the actors who played “The Captains” on the various Star Trek shows. (I am a fan.) And one comment by Patrick Stewart resonated with how different he and I are. I respect him as a actor but “acting” is more important to him than family and he stated that fact. I understand the need and desire to work at a job/career that brings more than just financial well-being, but also emotional and psychological satisfaction too. But how does that compare to losing the most important members of your family? At least, they should be the most important people in your life. Well, anyway, for once I’m being hit with an unplanned expensive bill (new car) and I’m not complaining. I almost had a far bigger lost. Happy Thanksgiving.

The image above was taken in Dec. 1980. It is my favorite photo of her.

Veterans Day

Time to remember and honor those who have given their lives for our freedom.

Portrait of Grandma

As opposed to those pro photographers who wanted to be one from birth, I fell into the profession later in life. My hope was to work in the film industry but that’s ain’t easy. This also explains why I can talk more about John Ford, Buster Keaton and Martin Scorsese than about famous pro photographers. Most of America knows who Ansel Adams is, including myself (of course), but my photo contemporaries can rattle off names that I never could, but I am not a complete rube. We are a world awash in images but when one catches my eye, and most don’t, then I do some research to find out who created that picture. A few years ago on the cover of Time (if it wasn’t Time, then it was Newsweek) was a portrait of Jeff Bridges. He was up for an Academy award for “Crazy Heart”. I stopped whatever I was doing and starred at the image. It was beautiful. I thought, “Who took this picture?” Probably someone the whole world knows about except me, but now it’s my turn. Marco Grob. Jeff Bridges’ portrait is on the website. The portrait above is of my mother. Photographed with a Wisner 4×5 film camera. (Doesn’t compare to Mr. Grob, but I’m trying.)

A Photo Finish

A moment in time.

Beatles – EMI Studio – London

Beatles fans write on the wall just outside EMI Studio.

Visiting Bath

On my recent trip England, I returned to the City of Bath. My last visit was in 1984. It is a beautiful city with ancient Roman baths. The building pictured above is of The Crescent, a guest house and a stunning piece of architecture. Bath Spa, it’s formal name, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

British Philosophy

Some British philosophy from my recent trip to England. Highly recommended.

Copyright Registration – Just (a few more) facts, Ma’am

I’ve been registering my unpublished images with the United States Copyright Office for many years. When I started I filled out a “Form VA” for “Visual Arts”, made low-rez jpgs of my images, copied them to a CD and mailed everything including payment. Then I’d have to wait between 4 to 12 months to receive my “Certificate of Registration”. Several years later the Copyright Office moved into the 21st Century and it was all done online. (For the record, you can still do it the old way if you prefer.) It was confusing in the being, but it was cheaper – $35 vs. $45 – and once you got the hang of it, it became easy. The images are uploaded as a zip file (I make several zip files as I register 1000s of images at a time), payment is made and (sometimes) within a month I’d have my Certificate. Now, once again, the Copyright Office is making a few more changes. The basic online workflow for registering is still the same, but they also want your image titles. Before all that was required was the title of the collection – “Richard J Green 100 Unpublished Images  August 2011” – or whatever you want to call it. In addition to this title, they encourage you to provide your image titles too. (It’s not an requirement. Yet.) Now if you’re registering just ONE image, it’s easy! But if you’re registering over 5000 images, which is what I did this morning, well, it took some figuring out how to do it.

I learned of this new procedure from a letter that I received from the Copyright Office. Here’s the info:

1. give a collection title only in the primary application title area (from the Titles screen in eCO, click “New” and then select “Title of work being registered” in the Title Type drop down menu; type your collection title into the “Title of Work” field; click “Save”;

2. and to list all of your particular titles in the “contents Titles” are (after entering and saving the collection title, click “New” again and select “contents Title” from the Title Type drop down menu, and enter individual titles in the “title of Work” field, either one title per field or several titles per field separated by a semicolon);

3. and to upload a titles page as one of the links that you attach to your case.

4. We hope that you upload electronic editions of your works, but if you mail hard-deposits instead, still you should list all contents titles in the electronic application and include a titles pages in the hard-deposit that you mail to us.

See! Ain’t that easy!

Photographer’s Daily “To-Do” List

I read this someplace once. When I’m at a fork-in-the-road I take it, as Yogi Berra said. This list suggests which fork to take. I added a few of my own. Any other suggestions?

> Read emails
> Answer emails
> Send new emails
> Network on Facebook
> Network on Linked In
> Read web forums
> Post on web forums
> Post on my blog
> Research consumer trends
> Research the next shoot
> Plan the next shoot
> Scout locations for next shoot
> Speak with talent for next shoot
> Add new images to web site
> Write new opinions on blog
> Upload images to blog
> Optimize website for search engines
> Add new links to website
> Add new images to Archive to sell prints
> Keyword images
> Caption images
> Study image sales data
> Retouch photographs
> Scan model’s release forms
> Add identifying photos to model’s release forms
> Upload model’s release form to Stock agency’s portal
> Upload low rez images to Stock agency’s portal
> Upload high rez images to Stock agency’s portal
> Archive photographs
> Find image that you promised to someone
> Retouch image that you promised to someone
> Post images on ftp for download that you promised to someone
> Make prints people requested
> Research web marketing strategies
> Make photo calls to ad agencies to beg for work
> Update email mailing list
> Update postcard mailing list
> Design and layout post card
> Send post card print order
> Buy stamps
> Address and mail post cards
> Send marketing emails
> Plan to teach photo seminar to supplement income
> Speak to client about possible photo assignment
> Research possible photo assignment
> Create estimate for possible photo assignment
> Send invoices
> Pay invoices
> Research new available equipment
> Find out why camera is not working properly
> Order new strobe lamps
> Test new camera that just arrived
> Learn how to use the new camera that just arrived
> Repair cameras and equipment
> Sell old cameras and equipment on ebay
> Update new software on computer
> Update new software on laptop
> Learn new Photoshop techniques
> Learn new web gallery techniques
> Learn new Lightroom functionality
> Learn new proprietary camera software
> Read about new computers you should buy
> Read about new software you should buy
> Fix broken computer
> Buy more data storage
> Update Digital Asset Management system
> Relax and think creative thoughts
> Take photographs
> Watch reruns of Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, anything on the History Channel

Men and their Pets

Just got back from my yearly mancation. This year my buddy was wishing that he had one of these as a pet.

Portrait of an Anarchist

On one of the pro photo forums, there’s a discussion about portrait photography. Folks are talking about the merits of hiring a real photographer for a portrait vs. what Walmart or Sears would provide. My suggestion – if you have an anarchist on your hands, don’t bother with Walmart. (The photo was taken with polaroid film using a 4×5 Wisner camera.)

Memorial Day 2011

On Memorial Day, I pause to honor those who selflessly gave all to our nation. Thank you.

Arches National Park

Hopefully will be going back next year.

Family For Dinner

What should I cook first? The ham or the turkey?

My Hometown

A street scene from Paterson, NJ around 1970. Woolworth’s was a favorite spot of mine. My best friend and I would walk through the toy department, have a cherry sundae at the counter and rummage through the vinyl records. I was a fan of Chuck Berry, found one of his records in the bin, and asked my friend, a musician, “Who’s the black guy?” Well, he didn’t stop laughing. Some fan I was. I didn’t even know what Chuck Berry looked like.

A small town in England

My last trip to England was in the 1993. One of the places I visited outside of London was Stratford-Upon-Avon, known as the birthplace of Shakespeare. Well, I hated the place and not because it was Shakespeare’s hometown. I hated it because it felt like I was visiting an American tourist attraction. Now, I am an American to my core, but when I visit a foreign country I’m making the trip to visit with them, not see more of my country. The next day I went to Victoria Train Station, back in London, and told my story to a ticket salesman. He completely understood and suggested I visit Arundel, about an hour away, south of London. I paid for our train tickets, it was my wife and I, and we headed on our journey. We rode in a train car  similar to what we saw in the Beatles movie “A Hard Day’s Night” which was fun. And the countryside was beautiful.

The hour passed quickly and Arundel came into view. The small town has a castle and it appeared on the horizon. It felt like a fairy tale. An Errol Flynn movie. It was England, not America. The castle. The small streets and shoppes. The 400 year old inn where my wife and I had lunch and spoke with the owner. It was a wonderful place to visit.

Blood and Guts

For many years, part of my work included being a medical photographer. That meant shooting in the O.R., E.R. or patient rooms. Blood and guts.  And I am a guy who’s very squeamish. I hate the sight of blood. Many years ago I was riding a bike with a friend. He fell down and broke his foot. There was no blood, nothing penetrated the skin, but I couldn’t even look at that. (Coincidentally it was across the street from a hospital which made it very convenient for my friend.) Fast forward many years, and I find myself as a staff photographer in a hospital where my responsibilities included patients in the operating room. I still remember my first “call down” to the O.R. I stood in the corner, camera in hand, starring at the wall. I was very nervous, thinking, “how do I get outta here!” Then those fateful words were spoken, “Rich, take a photo of this please.” I turned, walked slowly to the patient, took a deep breath and did my job. (I don’t remember what the actual surgery was.) As the years passed, I saw many surgeries, patients in rooms, accidents in the E.R. – open heart, other surgeries in the chest, legs, hands, brain, people who were injured from explosions, etc. I adapted to my situation and learned the difference between “controlled blood” and “uncontrolled” (my personal definitions). “Uncontrolled” would be a war zone or some type of violence or accident. I was never in a war but I had photographed two patients who were the victims of an explosion. One was deliberate – a bomb – and the other was an oxygen tank that exploded. I had “weak knees” with those patients. Another serious accident involved the male genitals. Being a guy and how I might respond to this situation, I had a smart solution – I put the camera to my eye BEFORE I looked at the injury. This took me out of the situation and I got the job done.

With “controlled blood”, I am referring to procedures in the operating room where the bodies are covered up except for the surgical area. This made the situation abstract for me, making it easier to see the blood.

Sometimes the unexpected happens. While I’ve never had open heart surgery, seeing it has actually improved my diet. I DON”T EVER want to have that done to me. Take my word for it.

Well, I rarely photograph in the O.R. anymore, the last time I did, the surgeon in charge, a friend of mine, commented, “Rich, you look like you’re having a good time.” I actually was.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom.

Can You Hear Me Now?

It’s A Good Day.

I Wasn’t Invited To The Royal Wedding!

So I arrive at Heathrow airport early this morning and head to Buckingham Palace for the Royal Wedding. My first question is, “Can I be early?” I don’t see anyone! I assumed that someone had to be interested in this event but I wasn’t complaining. I was at the front of the line and had the best seat in the house.

So I’m waiting and waiting and waiting and finally a friendly elderly British gentleman asks me what I’m waiting for. (It must’ve been real obvious.) I answered, ‘The Royal Wedding, of course!” He says, “My fine fellow, that was yesterday! Didn’t you know?” I’m stunned at this point and pull out my invitation to see how I could get it so wrong. But no, there it was in black and white – the date said April 30th. My British friend looked at it and commented, “That certainly looks real. I guess Prince William didn’t want you to come.” and then he walked away.

I stood there flabbergasted. I was deliberately given the wrong date by the Royals. Now I’m mad.

She Took Everything!

She took everything! Including the house!