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Castle in the USA

American Castle

I don’t know how many castles there are in the United States, but the one above is in Paterson, NJ. It’s name is Lambert Castle. (Click the link for more info.) Paterson is my hometown and I have visited the castle many times. When I was a youth the tower at the top of the mountain was open to the public and I explored there. Having been to Dover  and Windsor Castles in England, I don’t think of Lambert Castle as a castle but simply as a rich man’s home. While it doesn’t compare in size, scope or purpose to the fortresses in Great Britain, it’s still an interesting part of New Jersey history.
The photograph above was taken several years ago after a snowstorm.

Hometown Falls

Paterson, New Jersey, Waterfalls

The photograph above is of a waterfalls in my hometown – Paterson, New Jersey, USA.
“The Falls”, as it is known to the city’s inhabitants, is a source of pride and history.
The city has a rich history – it was America’s first industrial city.
It is home to many famous people, including a favorite comedian of mine, Lou Costello
(of Abbott and Costello fame).
Locomotive engines were built here that were world renown. One of the first submarines was
launched from the Passaic River. New York City Theater plays would open in Paterson first.
It was known as “Silk City” (before the advent of artificial fibers).
The list goes on and on.

Paterson, NJ

A two family apartment house in Paterson in the 1970’s. It is abandoned because a highway was scheduled to be built through this area and the local inhabitants had to move. – the law of Eminent Domain. I know this because I was one of them. The highway was never built, the house was torn down and the area was cleaned up.