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Early Morning on a Lake

It was an early morning quiet moment on a lake near my home. I was on assignment searching for moments or places or events for a calendar. It’s not easy driving around, keeping your eyes on the road (safety first!) and looking for photographic opportunities. The end result is that there’s a lot of glancing around and a lot of stopping and parking, getting out and looking around. After spending several months working on the project, it wasn’t produced, the theme was changed and I had to shift gears, but I produced a lot of photographs that went straight into stock photography.

Life in the Desert

Remember when you’re lost in the desert and very thirsty cactuses are the soft-drink of choice. The photograph was made in the desert not far from one of my favorite places, Las Vegas. (I’m not a gambler. I love the lights and the spectacle.)

Back to Nature

Photograph of a camper who knows how to brave the elements.

The Deserted House

Several years ago I was exploring along the Delaware River in New Jersey and happened upon this deserted house. I want to emphasis that the sign on the right side was actually there. I did not know whether or not someone was still in the house at the time, but I thought it best to proceed cautiously. In case you have difficulty reading it, it says “Go away. I’m alive.”