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Watching the Neighborhood

Don’t you get the feeling that the refrigerator is looking out the window?

Photographer Self-Portrait

Traveling on a bus at the time.

The Children of Quasimodo

Outtake from the underground film – “The Children of Quasimodo”.

Grand Canyon Sunset

Sunset over the South Rim

Splish! Splash!

 Standing in the ocean watching my son being pounded by the waves.

A Foggy Morning

This image could be a movie poster for ghosts and impending doom.

Ocean Sunrise

Sunrise and a happy young lady.

The Window

I took this photograph several years ago while driving and exploring Sussex County, NJ.

Visitor to an Art Gallery

Alfred Hitchcock meets an Art Gallery visitor.

Portrait of the Curler Family

The Curler Family. Voted most likely to have the nicest hair.

Watching the Neighborhood

Don’t you get the feeling that the refrigerator is looking out the window?

Photographed with a medium format camera,
B&W film and developed in my darkroom.

Photographer Self-Portrait

The position that I  might be in while waiting for a client, model, friend, relative, coffee, subway, plane, computer-to-turn-on….Well, you know what I mean. I spend half my  life waiting…….

Mancation 2012!!

Once a year a buddy and I go on a mancation. We leave the wives and kids behind and go off for a weekend getaway to relax. Last year we went to Washington, DC. This year we traveled to upstate New York to a show of old-style planes.

In Honor of the Diamond Jubilee


Hollywood – Here I Come!

In an earlier life, I went to school for filmmaking. The photograph above is from a film that I made. It was a comedy and I kept it simple since it was my first 16mm film and I was new to the process. When the project was completed, it made its way to a movie theater in Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I had a friend that ran the theater there and he was happy to show it. Recently he told me a story that I didn’t know –

“I never told you, but the night that we showed “The Children of Quasimodo” Filmmaker John Waters, actor Divine and Boston film critic David Brudinoy were in the audience. He returned a few nights later (we changed films every three days in the summer)to see another film with just Devine (not in drag). I asked him what he thought about your film. He said ‘It creeped me out….it was funny.’ Ha ha ha. He also said that he liked the idea that we were showing unadvertised underground films at our midnight shows as a bonus.”

Wow. The Man, They Myth, The Director saw my movie. That’s the closest I ever got to Hollywood.

An American Abroad – The Journey Continues

On my journey I visited Dover, England. As I stood overlooking the English Channel, with Dover Castle to my rear, I could see both France, it was a very clear day, and the cruise ship in the photograph. What a day. What a castle. What a view. What an adventure.

Men in Dresses

Photograph taken in Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon Sunset

I’ve traveled to the Grand Canyon twice. My first visit was in 1988 to the South Rim. The photograph above was taken on that trip. My second journey was in 2006 and that time I explored the North Rim. In retrospect, that 18 year gap was too large. The Grand Canyon is a national treasure that should be experienced by all. I need to make another trip in the near future. This year and next year are already planned, so maybe in 2014.

Splish! Splash!

I made this photograph several years ago. I was shooting film and standing in the ocean watching my son being pounded by the waves. Thinking back about it now, I was standing in the ocean near him, water up to my waist and I was holding my camera and lens worth several thousand dollars. What the hell was I thinking? If I had been knocked over by a wave I would have had to go into therapy to get over it. Yikes! Sometimes I just act on impulse. Luckily I captured some great photographs.

The British Car

One experience that I looked forward to and missed during my visit to England last year were some small details that separate our countries, like the car pictured above. I captured that photograph when I was visiting in 1993. I had never seen anything like it before and loved it. With my recent visit, those differences had all but disappeared. The cars looked very similar to the ones in the States. Any oddball looking vehicles weren’t as odd as the one pictured above.

And I also missed the sound of a British “police or ambulance vehicle siren”, that distinctly “foreign” sound I’ve heard in so many movies and on previous trips. On last year’s visit that sound was gone, replaced by the same sound I hear at home. I guess that’s progress, but I don’t really like it all the time.

Back to Nature

Photograph of a camper who knows how to brave the elements.

A Foggy Morning

Several weeks ago I displayed a photograph of early morning Boats in a Fog. The photo above continues in that series. I think this image could also be a movie poster for ghosts and impending doom because of the sinking ship in the water. (Yes, that ship was sinking but the tide was out and the water isn’t very deep so the boat is actually resting on the harbor floor.)

An American Abroad – The Journey Continues

One of my favorite places in London is Piccadilly Circus. It is also one of the places where I am most exasperated. Every time I visit, something in the area is being refurbished. This time included. There was scaffolding on some of the buildings on the north-side of the Eros statue. It’s like the government of England knows. “He’s coming again. Operation Piccadilly Circus is a go!” Guess I’ll have to try again. Maybe the next time I visit, I’ll get lucky.

The above photograph of Piccadilly Circus was taken around noontime on a busy weekday. (I made sure not to include any of that damn scaffolding.)

On my Rich Green Facebook Page today is an interesting link today – 10 Things You Need To Know This Morning – one concerns Google.

I’ve Been Cleared To Fly

I was on assignment last year photographing a portrait of a pilot. I made this photograph while waiting for the gentleman to “strike another pose”. Whenever any photographer is working, he/she must always look for the unexpected moments or settings or opportunities because you never know what will present itself.