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Portrait of a Long Time Ago

Grandmother and Grandson.

Portrait of a Long Time Ago

What feels like a lifetime ago I had the task of photographing children for a calendar. The assignment was simple – I could pick the children and go where ever I wanted. (Obviously within reason. Hawaii was not an option.) It was fun approaching parents of children that I knew. Everyone was excited at the prospect of being in a calendar and I had the opportunity to pick my own son and his Grandmother, my Mom. I took them to a spot not far from home. I wanted a simple setting. Something that would not distract from looking at them. I photographed Grandma and her grandson walking, talking and playing, but it was the image taken on the bench, the one shown above, that captured the moment.

For the photo geeks – the entire calendar was shot using Kodak 35mm B&W T-Max film. I processed and printed the images in my darkroom using a cold-light head on a Beseler enlarger. The photo paper was Brilliant VC from Zone VI.