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Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Lincoln, The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

Today, February 12th, is Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday.


Ladies Fashions

ladies fashions

Ladies fashions as presented by “The Model”.

Merry Christmas, Dad

merry Christmas Dad, Rubber Chickens

My daughter gave me 3 rubber chickens for Christmas. She individually gift-wrapped each one putting it in a box inside a larger box put inside an even larger box. (I’ve put a wrapped gift inside only one larger box.) I had a hint she was going to do something, so I upped my game. When she unwrapped her “special” gift, she found a note. It said, “Your gift is hidden somewhere in the house.”

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, fireworks

Happy New Year to all my friends and foes.
May it be a successful year for your plans and criminal activities!

Watching the Watcher

Watching the Watcher, Artist, art, Painting, Art lover

Who’s watching who?

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Gnomes

It’s almost that time!

Lost my Head

mannequin head

Wandering the streets of New York,
you never know what you’ll see.