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Portrait of a Man Not Wearing Pants

Portrait of a young man

Just kidding about the pants.


Man at the Piano

A piano player in Herald Square in New York City.

A piano player in Herald Square, New York City.

To Infinity, And Beyond!

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear.

Portrait of a Legend.


Swimming pool, swimmer, child, boy

One of my favorite underwater photographs made several years ago.

Train Engineer

Train engineer

Portrait of a train engineer hard at work in the train yard.

Man in the Field

Portrait Photography Corn Field Man

Some corn fields grow more than just corn.

Portrait photograph taken along the Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey.

Count Basie Musicians


I am a fan of Big Band music and was recently assigned to take photographs of the Count Basie Orchestra performing. Needless to say, I was excited. Before the band went onstage I took the opportunity to go backstage and talk to a few of the members.

The 3 gentlemen pictured have been with the orchestra for many years. The gentleman on the left was also with the Duke Ellington orchestra at one time. I asked the gentleman on the right about the Basie Orchestra’s appearance in the Mel Brook’s film “Blazing Saddles” and it wasn’t Basie’s real band.

Before taking their photo, I asked for permission and it was granted. The photo was taken with available light, which was VERY little. I thought it best to take it “as is” and not waste the moment getting a flash and losing the opportunity.

Man and his Dog

man, dog, portrait, home

Portrait of a man and his dog.

Portrait of a Master Chef – Jacques Pepin


While on assignment, it was time for a portrait before the show.

Portrait of the Judge


The Gorilla applied to be a judge on American Idol but was denied when he said he preferred
the music of Bach and Beethoven over what the contestants were singing. Go figure!

Portrait of Eyes

A young lady wears eye makeup.

The eyes have it.

Portrait of The Model


And environmental portrait taken on my trip out west last year.

The Surfer & The Storm


Early morning at the ocean, a storm coming and a surfer ready to surf. What could go wrong?

Gone Shoppin!

Portrait of a teenage shopper.

Portrait of the Curler Family

The Curler Family. Voted most likely to have the nicest hair.

Portrait of a Firefighter

From  a Controlled Burn.

Portrait of Time

Portrait of a Grandmother.

Blowing Bubbles

Young lady having a grand ole time!

Portrait of a Super Cool Guy

The title says it all.

On the Road…

Portrait taken in Dover, England before visiting Dover Castle.

Photographer Self-Portrait

Traveling on a bus at the time.


I can’t afford to buy an original so I made my own.


They’re casting for another superhero. Enter- Aquaboy!

Teenage Angst


Teenagers. Can’t live with’em. Can’t live without’em.