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On the Road…

Portrait taken in Dover, England before visiting Dover Castle.

Photographer Self-Portrait

Traveling on a bus at the time.


I can’t afford to buy an original so I made my own.


They’re casting for another superhero. Enter- Aquaboy!

Teenage Angst


Teenagers. Can’t live with’em. Can’t live without’em.

Splish! Splash!

 Standing in the ocean watching my son being pounded by the waves.

Where are my Glasses?

I wonder if the owner of the glasses found where he left them.

Self Portrait of a Teenager

My daughter took a self portrait.  I thought it was beautiful and amazing.

Heading to Work

You can’t dress as a clown unless you really ARE a clown.

Children are Children

A group portrait taken back in the 1970’s in my hometown Paterson, NJ (home of the great Lou Costello).

Art and Music

A musician looking at a painting with trumpet in hand.

The Eyes of a Little Girl

Shot with T-Max 400, developed and printed in my darkroom.

Ocean Sunrise

Sunrise and a happy young lady.

The Piano Player

A street musician in Washington Square Park in New York City plays his piano.

Portrait of a Teenage Artist

My daughter sitting on her bed next to a tree she painted.

Portrait of a Senior Anarchist

An environment portrait of an anarchist for the senior crowd. (She’s actually my mom.

But you all know how your mom can drive you crazy, so it’s just a little revenge on my part.)

The Deserted House

Several years ago I was exploring along the Delaware River in New Jersey and happened upon this deserted house. I want to emphasis that the sign on the right side was actually there. I did not know whether or not someone was still in the house at the time, but I thought it best to proceed cautiously. In case you have difficulty reading it, it says “Go away. I’m alive.”

Polaroid Universe . . .


Polaroid photographs

… and I (occasionally) live in it.

A Day in the Life

Life begins anew. Photograph taken when I worked in a hospital.

The Great American Landscape

Clouds. Blue sky. Widen open space. A windmill.

Portrait of the Past

An American Civil War Reenactor at the Gettysburg National Park in Pennsylvania where a major battle happened in July 1863.


No matter where I go, there I am.

Portrait of a Teenager

Teenagers. At one time we were one and while I wish I still had my 19 year old body, I really don’t want my 19 year old mind.

A Portrait in a Museum

It is still one of my favorite photos.