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The Pub

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One of my absolute favorite places to visit
when visiting London/Britain is the local pub.
It is an experience not repeated in my neck of the woods.

Portrait of a Gentleman in a London Pub

On one of my earlier trips to London, I struck up a conversation with the gentleman above while relaxing in a pub. At this point he had had one too many, but his story about stowing away on a ship to America was fun to listen too.

An American Abroad – The Journey Continues

A pint. My favorite part of the day was the whole day but I really did enjoy the end of it. I would sit in a British pub and enjoy a pint. Sitting in a pub is not like sitting in a bar back home. It really is so much better. I don’t feel rushed. I can sit, talking with family, and nurse my beer until the cows come home. No one is rushing me to have another. And for those who don’t know, “pub” stands for “public house”.