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I was there at the beginning when Hot Wheels hit the toy store shelves. A friend and myself trekked down to the local department store and started our collection. In the beginning I remember making our own racetrack out of construction paper, but it wasn’t very good. We bought the racetrack, more cars and raced away. The car pictured above was one of my first purchases. I loved it then and still love it today. (Thankfully I haven’t thrown out ALL of my old toys.)

Late for Work

Need for speed.

A Photo Finish

A moment in time.

Track and Field

Now that it’s springtime (you’d never know it with today’s weather), track & field is back in action and the runners are gearing up. My daughter is on the team (no, that’s not her in the photo). Her first field event is early next month. I’m looking forward to seeing her in action.


In August a friend invited me along to a NASCAR weekend event at Watkins Glen International in New York. I’m not a racing fan but I saw it as an opportunity for some photography, a new experience and another getaway in his RV (love that RV!). Well, what I discovered is – it was Woodstock, only with beer and fast cars. A small city of RVs sprung up on this large field surrounded by the racetrack. All of the folks I ran into were friendly, and many started drinking their beers while eating their cornflakes and didn’t stop. Some dressed in what could only be described as – Halloween outfits. Besides racing, fans could get up close to their favorite drivers, and it was like a county fair with displays, food, and souvenirs on sale.¬†At nighttime, the partying continued with – I really don’t know what to call them – small paper balloons that resembled hot-air balloons. The base was ignited with a match, the hot air from the flame filled the paper balloon and it flew upwards. And some fell back to the Earth, still burning. I couldn’t believe it. In any other place, this fire hazard would be banned. I felt lucky to be here.