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Road Trip

Arizona Road, Highway

Somewhere in the American West.
The road of adventure.

The Road Ahead

desolate road

Sometimes frightening.
Sometimes exciting.
But always an adventure.

Early Morning Mist

Trees, Forest, Fog, Mist

Halloween is approaching.
The ghosts are all around us.
They exist in the fog and mist.
Caution on the road you travel.

A Cobblestone Journey

Cobblestone Road

A photograph from a self-published calendar from several years ago. I can only imagine what it would have been like to travel on such roads. I am truly of product of 21st century America and our “smooth” (most of the time) road system.

Travel Across America

Several years ago I was in Utah traveling to several National Parks. It is difficult to drive out west as the landscape is breathtaking in every direction. A 1 hour journey can take many more as I stop along the way to see as much as I can. I don’t remember exactly where this road was, but it was on my journey to Capitol Reef National Park.