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Social Distancing…

Seaside, Ocean, Beach,

… at the Seashore.

Walking on Sand

Provincetown, Cape Cod, Sand, Beach, Water

The sand under my feet.
At Herring Cove, Provincetown, Cape Cod.

Sunrise Jogger


In the morning, there are those who love to run.
I’m not in that camp.

Foot Prints…


…in the sand.


Seaside, Ocean, Beach,

King at the Seashore.

(No, I did not photoshop anybody out. He was all alone.)



Early morning photography at the shore.

A Man in Search of Water….

ocean, shore, elderly man, walking

….and apparently he forgot to look to his left.

Photographed with 35mm B&W film and developed and printed in my darkroom many years ago.

I wonder if the man is still looking…..