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Merry Christmas, Dad

merry Christmas Dad, Rubber Chickens

My daughter gave me 3 rubber chickens for Christmas. She individually gift-wrapped each one putting it in a box inside a larger box put inside an even larger box. (I’ve put a wrapped gift inside only one larger box.) I had a hint she was going to do something, so I upped my game. When she unwrapped her “special” gift, she found a note. It said, “Your gift is hidden somewhere in the house.”

Portrait of an Anarchist

On one of the pro photo forums, there’s a discussion about portrait photography. Folks are talking about the merits of hiring a real photographer for a portrait vs. what Walmart or Sears would provide. My suggestion – if you have an anarchist on your hands, don’t bother with Walmart. (The photo was taken with polaroid film using a 4×5 Wisner camera.)

Family For Dinner

What should I cook first? The ham or the turkey?

Headshots aka Portraits aka “Don’t take my picture!”


They’re not always just heads. Come on, we’ve all shot portraits. You don’t have to be a “portrait photographer” to take someone’s photo. It’s just that you can usually tell when a pro does it and when Uncle Buck is the source. So the question is, if Uncle Buck has the camera and he wants to take your photo and you KNOW you’re gonna be down in the left-hand corner and very dark because the rest of the photo is the bright blue sky washing out the photo, so what do you do? Do what I would do, be polite, smile and run the hell away. Actually what I do is tell Uncle Buck to hold the camera while I position myself in front of it. It’s a little bit of guess work – where to stand – but it’s better than leaving everything up to him.

We are a world of photographers and only about 2% are pros (and that doesn’t mean they’re any good), so you gotta learn to adapt.