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snow, winter, cold, frozen, freezing,

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The Blizzard of 2016

Snowstorm, Blizzard, Snow, Winter, Cold, Freeze, Freezing

The Blizzard of 2016 hits the East Coast.


snow, winter, cold, frozen, freezing,

It’s ZERO Degrees outside my front door right now.
With the wind chill factor, I don’t know how low it goes.
My kitchen water pipes are presently frozen.
At 6 AM a neighbor’s car horn went off and didn’t stop
for 30 minutes. I think the owner just didn’t want
to go outside. (It was probably below zero at that time.)

The Weather at the Moment…

snow storm

It hasn’t been much fun on the East Coast.
The snow isn’t as bad as the cold.
And there’s more snow and more cold to come.

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday parts of the Pennsylvania and New York where hit by a surprise Nor’easter snow storm. Thank God I don’t live there. Last week it was 80 degrees. What happened?!

The Winter That Wasn’t

On the East Coast, in New Jersey, winter has been mild this year. While I’m not complaining, it gets old very fast having to shovel, I have captured a few snow photographs over the years that I’m proud of. The image above was taken with a medium format camera in Sussex County while it was snowing. The film was T-Max, developed and printed in my old darkroom.

Unwelcome Angst

It’s March 23rd and it’s been Spring for around 3 days now so why do I feel like I’m living in Alaska?

The Thrill Of It All

Last week we had a few days of warmer weather. Ah, how gullible I am thinking Spring was approaching. I was reminded this morning that it’s still Winter, there’s more snow falling and I’m still cold.

Snow! Snow! And Even More Damn Snow!

Thank God for the youth of our country. Without them I’d have to work.