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The Road Ahead

Road, Highway, New Mexico

…and into the future.

The Boat



Early Morning…

Early Morning on a Lake

Early morning on a lake.
A damaged dock floats in the water.



The Sailboat.

Leaving Winter Behind

Snowstorm-Park-Bench, winter, snow, trees

It’ll be spring in a few days.
I am very grateful.
I am tired of winter.
Photograph of snow covered trees and park bench
taken several years ago with slide film.

Back to Nature

Photographed in my film days. Shot on medium format B&W film, processed and printed in my darkroom.

The Thrill Of It All

Last week we had a few days of warmer weather. Ah, how gullible I am thinking Spring was approaching. I was reminded this morning that it’s still Winter, there’s more snow falling and I’m still cold.