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Summertime is Almost Here

Lifeguard on duty at the beach.

Lifeguard at the ocean shore.
Waiting for the summer to begin.


Good Morning…

Sunrise and the Statue of Liberty

from Lady Liberty.

Heaven on Earth

A panorama view of Monument Valley

Monument Valley is “Heaven on Earth”.

Man at the Piano

A piano player in Herald Square in New York City.

A piano player in Herald Square, New York City.

Summertime Splash

Washington DC

Photograph made in Washington DC near one of the Smithsonian Museums.

the End of Summer

Lifeguard on duty at the beach.

Portrait of a lifeguard
…the end of summer…

Canyonlands National Park

Rainbow in Grand View Point Overlook in Canyonlands National Par

Revisiting an old favorite.

Photograph made in the early evening at Grand View Point, Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

The Ceiling


Don’t forget to look up.
The ceiling in a section
of the Smithsonian Museum
in Washington, D.C.


amusement park ride, child, little girl

A summertime vacation ride at an amusement park should be fun and exciting for a little girl.
So why is this little girl crying? Because she doesn’t have the front seat on
this two person ride. Which goes to show, even when you have everything you want,
disappointment is still a possibility.

Looking Up in Bryce

Bryce Canyon National Park

A skyward view in Bryce Canyon.



Let the fireworks begin!

Sunrise over the Ocean

Ocean Sunrise

Photographed several years ago.
An ocean sunrise on the east coast.


Baseball, sports, pitcher

Play Ball!

Photograph taken at a minor league game.


A Motorcycle and Monument Valley.

Swimming on an Alien World

When I go on vacation, I travel far away.

Back of the Train

When I traveled to Lancaster, Pennsylvania I took a ride on an old steam locomotive train.

On Vacation

On vacation. What more is there to say?


Sunflowers & bees. Mother Nature at work.

Statue of Liberty Sunrise

Sunrise and the Statue of Liberty

Sunrise over Lady Liberty

Travel Across America

Somewhere in Utah.

Splish! Splash!

 Standing in the ocean watching my son being pounded by the waves.

Life in the Desert

cactuses, desert, nevada, Life in the Desert

Life in the Desert.
Cactuses somewhere in southern Nevada.

Ocean Sunrise

Sunrise and a happy young lady.

The Morning Mist

Foggy morning on Cape Cod Bay in Provincetown, Mass.