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Sunset and the Light House

Cape Cod, Provincetown, Lighthouse, Sunset

Just spent several days relaxing in one of my favorite places – Cape Cod.
My wife and I rented a cottage on the bay. The weather was beautiful
and my legs are exhausted from all the walking.

Arches National Park

Arches National Park, Utah

Photograph captured at sunset in Arches National Park, Utah.
I believe this is the Double Arch. It’s near the Turret and the Windows Arches.

Sunset From the South Rim

Grand Canyon Sunset

Grand Canyon Sunset

Sunset in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, Sunset

A different point of view in a Bryce Canyon sunset.

Photograph made several years ago.

Sunset in Gettysburg

Gettysburg National Park Sunset

Photograph of sunset in Gettysburg National Park.

Mission Control, We Have Landed…

Grand-Canyon-North-Rim-SunsetSunset on an alien world.

Consider, we are the only species that is aware and appreciates the beauty of a sunset.

And, thankfully, we can photograph it to keep those memories.

In The Land of Heaven

Grand Canyon Sunset

If you haven’t visited the Grand Canyon, it should be on your bucket list.

The photograph was made on chrome film.

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Hopefully in a year or two I’ll make another trip to one of my favorite places.

The Setting of Summer

Another Summer coming to an end. The Trifecta is approaching.


Does it really matter? Going up or coming down,
they seem to always capture our imagination.

On my Rich Green Facebook Page today I posted a photo
of two New York Yankee baseball legends.

September Sunset

That’s the best time to photograph the sun setting over a section of Route 80 in western NJ. We all know that the sun moves in the sky. I’m not referring to simply the “rising and setting” actions, but “where” it rises and sets in the sky. This knowledge can be valuable when wanting to photograph the sun over a specific spot. I have used Google Earth to figure out certain shots I’ve wanted in the past. That is, to know when the sun will be over an area that I need to capture the image. (Using Google Earth is not the only program to use to gain this info. Here’s another one – The Photographer’s Ephemeris.)
I wasn’t looking to capture a sunset over Route 80. In fact I was simply driving east on Route 80, around 6 PM several years ago when I saw the sun in my exterior rear view mirror. I noticed where it was in the sky in relation to the highway. I thought it might make a good photo. Coincidently on Sept. 21st of that year, not realizing that it was the best day, I asked my wife to drive our SUV east while I sat in the back seat, rear window down, with my camera and telephoto lens. (I wondered what the passengers and drivers in other cars thought when they spotted some guy taking pictures in their direction.) We made several trips up and down the highway while I took photos. The image above was taken while we were driving westward and I was leaning out the window on the driver’s side (I’m, obviously, in the back seat.)

Corbis + Costco = More Bad News

I’m a member of Costco as I’m sure a lot of you are. I like the savings and it has a photo division that I use for smaller projects. With the celebration of Thanksgiving this week, I was naturally distracted when my issue of “The Costco Connection” arrived in the mail. But on Saturday night, after a great day in New York City, something on the cover caught my attention. It was a travel photo with the caption “Picture This! Corbis Images from Costco photo centers”.

Rather than repeat what I read, let me provide a few highlights (direct from the magazine) – “the images have been curated specifically for and licensed to Costco by Corbis Images. For Costco members, there is no additional charge for the use of the images from the Art & Images Gallery collection. ‘The beauty of it is that Costco members can use these top images for all kinds of decorating projects and even for resale’ says Glen Hutchinson. Possible uses (and I’m paraphrasing here) ‘include anything for home or for business’.

Wow. So now anyone can pick a photo, make a 100  8×10 prints at $1.49 each and RESELL them without any of the profit given to the original photographer. Businesses, large and small, can save BIG when they need images to decorate the walls of their properties. Again I say, WOW!

I realize that the choice of photographs dedicated to this offer are probably small, however at one time RF was small and Microstock didn’t exist. So, with a little imagination, where will we be in a few years?