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Spider-Man Fashion

Spider-Man Fashion

Spider-Man fashion at the New York Comic Con.


Justice League

Captain America (after Civil War)

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It was a tough battle….

The Day Has Arrived…

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…and the reviews aren’t great. It’s at 30% on Rotten Tomatoes. Well, I’m a guy who grew up with George Reeves as Superman. In my universe he is at its center with Batman, Captain America, Green Lantern, etc. in orbit around him. The recent film, “Man of Steel” drew the ire of many fans, stating their dislike of the movie. Presently, I’m sure there will be even more complaints about “Superman v Batman”.
Having lived in a Superman movie desert most of my life, I’m pretty sure that I will enjoy the new movie regardless of any specific disappointments I might have. The reason? Superman III. Superman IV. When fans declare their dislike for the current movies, I ask, “Did you see those 2 older movies?”
I have waited years for anything Superman. When “Superman Returns” was released, I enjoyed the movie but Bryan Singer’s love of “Superman” (the first movie starring Christopher Reeves) was so strong, he basically remade it. And when it didn’t do great business, sequels were cancelled and no more movies for 7 years.
The one thing I”m sure about, is if this movie does poorly at the box office, it will not derail Warner Bros. future plans. The success of Marvel Studio has backed them into a corner.

One More Day…

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…until Superman arrives.

Getting Closer…..

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…..3 days to go.

Superman in London

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The British have been taking all of the iconic American movie and historical roles of late. David Oyelowo is Martin Luther King. Daniel Day Lewis is Abraham Lincoln. Andrew Lincoln is the lead character in The Walking Dead. Christian Bale is Batman and Henry Cavill is Superman. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

And adding insult to injury, when the real Superman arrives in London, the British have decided to confuse him when it’s time for a change.

Superman’s Conflict

london, england, phone booth

While in London, which one will he choose?

He’s Coming!


A few more days to rescue…

Happy New Year from the Superheroes of the World!


Happy New Year! (If you need to be rescued today, call Batman.)

If Only Superheroes Were Real

I get many hits to my blog and they arrive via internet search. How do people find me? By googling “superhero fill-in-the-blank“. I’m a comic book fan, have attended the New York City ComicCon and have photographed many folks in their super hero outfits. Occasionally I’ll post a photo on my blog to have some fun. Little did I realize that many of my visitors would find my blog, not because I wrote something regarding the current state of photography, but because I have someone in a set of tights. Now if only superheroes were real because maybe then they’d hire me to do their portraits.

Happy New Year from the Superheroes of the Universe

Female Superhero

Happy New Year!

Captain America

An early sighting of Captain America, before the muscles and the shield.

Happy New Year from the Superheroes of the World