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Comic Con

The Joker, New York Comic Con, Superheroes, Comic Books

Visitors to the New York Comic Con. The next one is in a few months!


Comic Con

The Joker, New York Comic Con, Superheroes, Comic Books

Visitors to the New York Comic Con. The 2018 one is in a few months!

Comic Con

The Joker, New York Comic Con, Superheroes, Comic Books

I have photographed many Jokers over the years. This gentleman wins in the “most original” category.

The Day Has Arrived…

Batman, Superman, comic book, Comic Books, Superhero, Superheroes

…and the reviews aren’t great. It’s at 30% on Rotten Tomatoes. Well, I’m a guy who grew up with George Reeves as Superman. In my universe he is at its center with Batman, Captain America, Green Lantern, etc. in orbit around him. The recent film, “Man of Steel” drew the ire of many fans, stating their dislike of the movie. Presently, I’m sure there will be even more complaints about “Superman v Batman”.
Having lived in a Superman movie desert most of my life, I’m pretty sure that I will enjoy the new movie regardless of any specific disappointments I might have. The reason? Superman III. Superman IV. When fans declare their dislike for the current movies, I ask, “Did you see those 2 older movies?”
I have waited years for anything Superman. When “Superman Returns” was released, I enjoyed the movie but Bryan Singer’s love of “Superman” (the first movie starring Christopher Reeves) was so strong, he basically remade it. And when it didn’t do great business, sequels were cancelled and no more movies for 7 years.
The one thing I”m sure about, is if this movie does poorly at the box office, it will not derail Warner Bros. future plans. The success of Marvel Studio has backed them into a corner.

One More Day…

Superman, Superhero, Superheroes, Comics, Comic book, Comic Books

…until Superman arrives.

Countdown to “Batman v Superman”…


…in 5 days.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

It’s time again for the New York Comic Con.
My son and I will be reprising our roles as
Walt and Jessie for our trip to the Con tomorrow.
Looking forward to the Day!


batman, superhero, comic book

Recently updated my Superhero/Comic Book/New York Comic Con webpage.
Here’s my Comic Con Batman link – Rich Green Photography.
Folks dressed up as Batman, Superman and other superheroes.
At the 2014 con, the original Batman suits worn in the movies were on
display for Batman’s 75 anniversary. He was born in 1939. Superman in 1938.
It’s always a lot of fun to go to the comic cons, but they are TOO crowded.

Happy New Year from the Superheroes of the World!


Happy New Year! (If you need to be rescued today, call Batman.)

Why So Serious?

Portrait of The Joker at ComicCon.

ComicCon – Portraits of Superheroes….

….by the truckload….

In the Company of Superheroes

This coming weekend is the New York City ComicCon. For those not familiar, it is a blend of comic books and superheroes, science fiction and fantasy, television and movies. Comic book companies showcase their latest superheroes and projects. TV and movie producers/writers/actors display what’s in store for the fans, and vendors sell everything related and not related to comic books and movies.  Fans of comics can meet their favorite artists and movie and tv fans can meet the actors.

I grew up reading comics and in my 20s I would go to the conventions in New York. At that time it was ONLY comic books (and some sci-fi toys). At the end of the day movies would be shown and it was camaraderie between strangers. You’d just park yourself next to someone and start talking. No one would think you were strange. Then life intervened and it was about 25 to 30 years before I returned. The year was 2006 and I brought my teenage son with me. A father and son trip. It was great. (Fast forward several years, now when I go my son brings his friends and I go off by myself. Oh well. Life goes on. However this year my daughter also wants to come  so I’ll have some company again.)

Besides taking photos, it is a lot fun to see the costumes that die-hard fans will create for themselves. And for the first time this year, I’ll be going dressed up. Nothing elaborate but it will be a character. Not a comic book one but a television one. In a little over a week’s time, I’ll show you who.

During this week, I want to showcase a few of the photographs I’ve taken at the ComicCons.

SuperHero Portraits

As a child I only had one wish – to be Superman. As an adult I only have one wish – to be Superman. Things don’t change much for me but my reasons now are more pragmatic. I’m not interested in saving the world anymore, I want to get around without paying the high cost of gasoline.
I still have an interest in comic books and enjoy attending the ComicCon in NYC each year. It’s not like the comic book conventions I attended as a teenager because movies and TV have become part of the show. And a part of the show that I love, is seeing the people who dress up as their favorite characters. Some costumes are so elaborate it makes you wonder how they got to the convention. With camera in hand I wander the floor shooting portraits of superheroes that love to pose. What more could a wannabe Superman ask for? I posted a new SuperHero Portrait  Gallery on my website. Stop by and take a look.