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Near Death Experience

plane, pool, swim, swimming


Brighton, England

Brighton, England, Beach, Ocean, Swimming

Sunbathers enjoying a beautiful day at the beach in Brighton, England.


ocean, swimming, swim, wave, beach, boy, splash

Now that it’s (finally) getting warm, I’m dreaming of summer.

Near Death Experience

plane, pool, swim, swimming

April 1st.


Swim, swimming, pool, water

…of the Little Mermaid.

Dreaming of Summer!

Disney World, Disney, Florida, Orlando, Swimming, Pool, Water

It’s freezing in the Northeast,
and will be even colder over the weekend.
All I want to do is SWEAT!
All I want is Summer!

Brighton, England

Brighton, England, Beach, Ocean, Swimming

Sunbathers enjoying a beautiful day at the beach in Brighton, England.

It’s Almost that Time of Year!

swimming, disney, summer

Can’t wait for summer at the beach and all those ocean waves!



The superhero from DC Comics (the home of Superman & Batman)
makes an appearance in a local pool.


Swimming pool, swimmer, child, boy

One of my favorite underwater photographs made several years ago.

the End of Summer

Lifeguard on duty at the beach.

Portrait of a lifeguard
…the end of summer…


Disney, Pool, Swimming, Vacation

On vacation…….

Wish I were still ON vacation….

Photographed with a Nikon.

A Man in Search of Water….

ocean, shore, elderly man, walking

….and apparently he forgot to look to his left.

Photographed with 35mm B&W film and developed and printed in my darkroom many years ago.

I wonder if the man is still looking…..

The Boy at the Beach (with his little sister).

children, boy, girl, ocean, beach, vacation

Yesterday I posted a photograph of the boy standing alone on the beach.
I thought today I would present one more image showing his sister standing alongside him.
The photography details are the same as yesterday’s – 4×5 camera, b&w Kodak film, processing
and printing in my darkroom. Image photographed several years ago.

The Boy at the Beach

ocean, beach, shore, boy, child

Above is an image taken several years ago with my 4×5 view camera on the beach.
I was on vacation at the time with the family.
A 4×5 camera, as everyone knows, is not exactly your typical point-and-shoot.
Luckily I have a family that is willing to wait while I say, “just one more second.”

Las Vegas Magic


The world through the eyes of a traveler…after a very long night.

Portrait of a Sinking Man

A portrait of my professor giving a lecture.

At the Beach.

Are you a lifeguard when there is no one to guard?


They’re casting for another superhero for the Avengers 2. Enter- Aquaboy!

(For the comic book aficionados, I know that Aquaboy would really be in the DC universe, not Marvel.)

Splish! Splash!

I made this photograph several years ago. I was shooting film and standing in the ocean watching my son being pounded by the waves. Thinking back about it now, I was standing in the ocean near him, water up to my waist and I was holding my camera and lens worth several thousand dollars. What the hell was I thinking? If I had been knocked over by a wave I would have had to go into therapy to get over it. Yikes! Sometimes I just act on impulse. Luckily I captured some great photographs.

Where is Everybody?!

Are you a lifeguard when there is no one to guard?

2011 Calendar

Over this past weekend I started work on my 2011 calendar. I give the calendar to several clients and family and friends as a holiday gift. I was energized about working on next year’s project because a client recently asked me what the theme would be. She enjoyed this year’s calendar and was looking forward to the next one.  (The image above is from the gallery.)