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Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again!

The Eyes…

eye makeup, portrait, closeup

…have it.

The Cook

The Cook, Teenage girl poses, makes silly, funny faces while holding an egg beater mixer.

I thought it was time to update the photo on my About Me page.
The basic info is the same but wanted a new image.
I took this during a stock photography shoot several months ago.
I’m just getting around to finishing the project and uploading the photos.

The Eyes

eye makeup, portrait, closeup

Closeup photography portrait of eyes from a project.

Modern Communication


Don’t assume that they are texting others.
They are talking to each other.


A monarch butterfly enjoying a nice nose.


Portrait of 2 young toughs. They wanted fresh breath before the brawl.

Gone Shoppin!

Portrait of a teenage shopper.

On Vacation

On vacation. What more is there to say?

Father’s Day

I didn’t have a father growing up. My parents were married but when I was born, he left leaving my mom to raise my older brothers and I by herself. (And she did a wonderful job.) I knew that when my turn came, I wouldn’t be that man.

I don’t agree with people who believe that mothers are the primary parent. “Parents” are the primary parent. Two. Each with their own talents, abilities and gender-specific traits raise a child. Men who believe that mothers are the main parent use that as an excuse not to be involved with their children. As for the mothers who believe it, they’re trying to be good moms with fathers who…(previous sentence).

Me? I’ve been hands on since day one. And I don’t have to be thanked on Father’s Day because I’m the one who’s thankful that I have them.


I can’t afford to buy an original so I made my own.

Portrait of a Teenager

A portrait photograph of a wonderful young lady. She was part actress effecting many different expressions during the photo session while having a grand time laughing and being silly. She was somebody special.

The photography was made on B&W TMax film with a medium format camera. Developed and printed in my darkroom. The negative was recently scanned with my Nikon Coolscan 8000ED Scanner.

Self Portrait of a Teenager

The photograph presented is one that I did not take. My daughter took a self portrait. She stood by her bedroom window letting the natural light fall upon her. She held her camera in front of her and made this photograph. I thought that it was beautiful and amazing.

Portrait of a Teenage Artist

I photographed my daughter sitting on her bed next to her tree. Yes, she painted the tree on the wall. She fancies herself to be an artist. I fancy her to be a money pit.

For those who haven’t liked my Rich Green Photo Facebook Page, I would like to suggest giving it a try. While I do tie in my blog to the page, I also post interesting news links about photography, computers and other subjects. This is an example of a recent post – “Kodak discontinues colour reversal films”. You never know, you might discover something interesting.

Portrait of Teenage Angst

Teenagers. At one time we were one and while I wish I still had my 19 year old body, I really don’t want my 19 year old mind. The image above was taken with telephoto zoom lens and a flash that was propped up on the ground and remotely triggered.

Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again!

A Photo Finish

A moment in time.

Photoshop – Noun & Verb

What was created as the name of a software program, has evolved in it’s meaning. This is obviously not news to anyone, but can be frustrating to photographers. I have family members showing me 4×6 inch prints, poorly photographed, lacking image definition and detail, poor color, etc. and they’ll ask, “You can photoshop this, right?” In other words, “make it look absolutely perfect”. When I say no, they give me that quizzical look, “Why not? You know photoshop.” I’ll be polite and ask to see the film negative thinking, maybe there’s more detail there. “I don’t have the negative. It’s lost. Why should that matter?” Yikes, I’m dealing with amateurs. Yes, I realize that photos from 1920 are “restored”, but these 1960 images don’t fall into that category for me. I’m not going to spend hours “creating and filling in” to make it look wonderful.

Which brings me back to my use of Photoshop. I used to have a B&W darkroom. (I left color processing and printing to the labs.) I had a print processing setup purchased from Spiratone (remember them?) for making quickie 5×7 prints for clients. (If anyone remembers what the process was called, let me know.) And I also made prints with equipment I purchased from Zone VI -for images that were important to me personally. I used my darkroom in the manner that was typical – dodging/burning/setting up contrast via filter or paper/processing time, etc. And this is how I essentially use Photoshop, as an electronic darkroom, dodging, burning, contrast, etc. Yes, I employ some tricks of the trade as any photographer would do for clients, but for personal work, I generally like to keep it simple.

The image above is an example of that process. It was shot quickly, before my kids had a chance to move. The place is Monument Valley and the sun was rising. Dodging, burning, creating masks, adjusting contrast were my tools to create the image. Just like in a darkroom, but I admit, more convenient because I could turn my computer off when I was tired, save everything and return the next day when I had time to reflect on my work. That, for me, is the real advantage Photoshop has that a darkroom doesn’t.

Time for a Face Lift

I thought it was time for a facelift for my blog.

Small changes can really make a big difference.

Track and Field

Now that it’s springtime (you’d never know it with today’s weather), track & field is back in action and the runners are gearing up. My daughter is on the team (no, that’s not her in the photo). Her first field event is early next month. I’m looking forward to seeing her in action.

My Daughter

The other face I never tire of looking at.

Headshots aka Portraits aka “Don’t take my picture!”


They’re not always just heads. Come on, we’ve all shot portraits. You don’t have to be a “portrait photographer” to take someone’s photo. It’s just that you can usually tell when a pro does it and when Uncle Buck is the source. So the question is, if Uncle Buck has the camera and he wants to take your photo and you KNOW you’re gonna be down in the left-hand corner and very dark because the rest of the photo is the bright blue sky washing out the photo, so what do you do? Do what I would do, be polite, smile and run the hell away. Actually what I do is tell Uncle Buck to hold the camera while I position myself in front of it. It’s a little bit of guess work – where to stand – but it’s better than leaving everything up to him.

We are a world of photographers and only about 2% are pros (and that doesn’t mean they’re any good), so you gotta learn to adapt.

Portrait of a Young Man

No matter who you are, where you come from, how old you are, what day it is,

when you were born, why things happen only to you —

Angst is a universal concept.

Or maybe I just stepped on his foot while taking the photo, I don’t remember now.

Halloween and my (not so little anymore) girl

My daughter isn’t this young anymore. I really miss the days of taking house-to-house on Halloween and seeing the excitement on her face of getting a ton of candy.

I refer to this time of year as the “Trifecta” – on Halloween you get to dress up. On Thanksgiving you get a get meal. And on Christmas (or Hanukkah) you get gifts. It’s the perfect time of year.