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Teenage Angst


Teenagers. Can’t live with’em. Can’t live without’em.

Christmas Tree

Two Teenagers carry a Christmas Tree.

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday behind us – yes, I did hit the stores at 6 AM but without any real quest for a particular item – it was time to live the Norman Rockwell experience and cut down our Christmas tree. It’s always the first Saturday (or Sunday) in December. The family and I always head over to Pennsylvania where there’s a particular tree farm that we love. I roam the farm for about 20 minutes searching for the right tree. Actually all of them are the right tree, it’s just that I want to “live” the experience for a few minutes. I wait all year for this moment and I don’t want it to end too quickly. After we find the right tree – we buy two, one for the living room and the other one (smaller) is in my daughter’s room – it’s time for our greasy, high-cholesterol, saturated fat and tasty breakfast at a local restaurant. We do what we can to support the local economy.

Teenage Pandemonium

Sweet-Sixteen, teenage girls, party, celebration

Photograph from a Sweet 16 party.
I accept only 1 or 2 retail assignments a year.
Usually the request comes from a friend or a friend of a friend.
Let me say, photographing a sweet 16 party means, for me,
that I need one full day to recover. It’s exhausting.

Teenage Angst

Teenagers. Can’t live with’em. Can’t live without’em.

On a serious note, I walked into my daughter’s room recently and saw a stack of my music CDs on her desk. I am a typical parent who always comments negatively, but kiddingly, about her music, “How can you listen to that stuff?!” knowing that my mom said the same thing to me many years ago. “You’re listening to my music? All you ever do is tell me that it’s terrible,” I say. And she actually answers, “It’s not all bad.” This is music not only from the 1960s and 70s, but some 1940s Big Band and Louis Armstrong selections. Now, a parent might be pleased that their child is finally listening to some good stuff. Not me. I’m worried. What is wrong with daughter? What have “I” done wrong? She might appreciate Humphrey Bogart movies next. Maybe the end of the world is near. It’s that Mayan 2012 Calendar thing. Oh no…

Portrait of Teenage Angst

Teenagers. At one time we were one and while I wish I still had my 19 year old body, I really don’t want my 19 year old mind. The image above was taken with telephoto zoom lens and a flash that was propped up on the ground and remotely triggered.