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The Train Station

Railroad Train Station

The Train.

At Work

The man who shines the bell.

My Blog Will Be Moving…


In a few days, this blog will find a new home.
For several years, I have had 2 photo blogs.
The other one is self-hosted, as opposed to this one which is hosted by WordPress.
I thought it time to finally move everything under one banner.
I don’t know how efficiently the transfer will go, whether my followers will move, but I’m ready.

The New Home of Rich Green’s Photography Blog

Travelin’ by Train

Steam Locomotive Train.

A steam locomotive riding the rails in the countryside.

The Train


Trains. High speed. Low Speed. Sightseeing. Commuting. Whatever.
A wonderful way to travel.

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Travelin’ by Train

Steam Locomotive Train.

A steam locomotive riding the rails in the countryside.

Metal Monster

steam locomotive train

Portrait of a Steam Engine Locomotive Train.

Riding the Train in England

Train, England

Traveling on the train to visit Dover, England, home of Dover Castle.
Looking out the window, I don’t know what town is visible out of the window on the journey.

Train Engineer

Train engineer

Portrait of a train engineer hard at work in the train yard.

Travelin’ by Train

Steam locomotive train

Traveling by train is part journey,
part discovery and part destination.

London Underground

London, Underground, Subway, Public Transportation

Waiting for the Underground (Subway in American lingo).

New York City Subway

New-York-Subway, public transportation, manhattan, b&w photography

B&W photograph taken several years ago while riding a subway in New York City.
Obviously, I was above ground at this point (to the out-of-towners, not all of
the subway system is below ground).
Don’t remember where in the city I was when taking this photograph.

The Train Station

Railroad Train Station

Everyday I decide on a photograph to share.
Everyday I wonder, “Is this a good one?”
Everyday I think, “What would the audience like to see?”
Pick a subject, and if I have something, I’ll post it.

I love Trains

What is it about trains that bring out the little boy in all of us?


I posted a new photo gallery titled “Life” on my Rich Green Photography people and lifestyle website (as opposed to my RJGreenphotography site which focuses on my corporate work.