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Gridlock in Gotham

Gridlock in Gotham, New York City

Gridlock in Gotham. Looking west on 42nd Street in New York City, cars, people and congestion fill the area.


My Blog Will Be Moving…


In a few days, this blog will find a new home.
For several years, I have had 2 photo blogs.
The other one is self-hosted, as opposed to this one which is hosted by WordPress.
I thought it time to finally move everything under one banner.
I don’t know how efficiently the transfer will go, whether my followers will move, but I’m ready.

The New Home of Rich Green’s Photography Blog

Waiting for the Subway

Radio Flyer Wagon

For those who remember the television show “My Mother, The Car”, this is “My Son, The Wagon”.
He’s traveling to Coney Island for the day.

The Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, London, England

During my travels to London, I captured this photograph of the Tower Bridge.
One of my favorite bridges in the world.

San Francisco Cable Car

San Francisco Cable Car

Traveling on a cable car in San Francisco is  part of the experience.
But imagine being the cable car operator. You not only have to operate
antique machinery, but you also have to warn knuckleheads who come
dangerously close to losing a limb.

London Double Decker

Double decker bus in London, England.

Loved traveling on one of these while in London.

The Automobile

Car, Auto, Automobile, London, England

Somewhere in London in 1993 I photographed this car rounding a corner.
It was the type of car that I’d never see back home in the US
and I loved it’s “personality”. It’s style. It’s body.
When I returned to London in 2011 this car had disappeared. Everywhere
I looked for a “distinctive body” automobile, none where spotted.
The same is true for back home. I converse with friends that everything
looks alike now. Fords look like Hondas look like GMs look like Nissan etc.,
etc., etc. I wish I had my 1972 Pontiac LeMans. That was style. That was class.