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Provincetown at Night

provincetown night

Spirits walk along the outside of the candy store in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

On the Road…

Portrait taken in Dover, England before visiting Dover Castle.

Misty Morning

Some moments are like a fairy tale.

Perfect Parking Space.

Somewhere in England, the owner of that car found the perfect parking space
– just outside the front door.

Back of the Train

When I traveled to Lancaster, Pennsylvania I took a ride on an old steam locomotive train.

Navajo Nation


Monument Valley is located in the Navajo Nation. I discovered the Valley in Ernst Haas images in the 1960’s and dreamt of visiting one day. It wasn’t until 2006 when that dream was realized.

Wall Street

In Arches National Park, Moab, Utah. I visited several years ago.

Boats in the Harbor

Boats in Rock Port Harbor, Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

On Vacation

On vacation. What more is there to say?

Travelin’ by Bus

Not my favorite way to travel.

An American Abroad

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England.

Grand Canyon at Eye Level

Along the Bright Angel Trail…

New York City Artist

An artist in Washington Square Park, New York City, paints the arch.

Time for an Apple

In New York City.


They’re casting for another superhero. Enter- Aquaboy!


Manhattan in B&W and Color.

Statue of Liberty Sunrise

Sunrise and the Statue of Liberty

Sunrise over Lady Liberty

The Flatiron Building

New York City Flatiron Building Aerial View

A view of the iconic Flatiron Building in Manhattan, New York City.



The London Eye

The London Eye in the evening.

Over the Horizon

Roads…Where I’m going, I don’t need any roads…
(Okay, who can tell me what movie that came from?)

On my Rich Green Photography Facebook Page this week I posted 2 interesting links – the first is Google Is In Total Denial About Its Huge Problem With Google+. The 2nd is fun – Chinese Scientists Say They’re Close to Building a Real Transporter.

New York City

New York City street at  night

Nighttime on Fifth Avenue near Grand Central Station.

Travel Across America

Somewhere in Utah.

Viva Las Vegas!

Freemont St. Before the construction of the Freemont Experience.