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High Fashion…

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…strolling in the Big Apple.



…in the clouds.

James Dean…

James Dean, San Francisco, Frisco, Golden Gate Bridge


Walking…….It’s a Lifestyle

A job requirement for any photographer, either pro or serious amateur, is to be aware of their surroundings. You want to “Capture the Moment“. Sometimes that requires looking “up”. I included this image on my Lifestyle & Portrait Photography website.

Walking in NYC

New Jersey PhotographerSpent Friday walking in New York City. It was a beautiful day. Started out at Washington Square Park where plenty of folks were taking a dip in the public fountain. I had my camera with me and got lots of photos. Also saw a bunch of photographers and video guys set up for something. I asked one of them about it and they were there for MTV. I waited for 30 minutes, thinking maybe I’d see someone famous, but not today. Then I continued strolling uptown, stopping in several bookstores and at Union Square Park where artists and farmers sold their stuff. I continued walking to the Flatiron Building where I found one of those naked men statues that were in the news. It was at ground level so I took a few shots. I then headed to Herald Square for a quick bite, to rest my body and see if anyone would play one of those “pianos around NY” that also made the news. A few did. After a short period, I walked to my final destination – Manhattan Center – for a Photoshop Summit. I met some other photographer friends there. It was a perfect day.