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Cape Cod, Provincetown

The tide is out on Cape Cod Bay in Provincetown.

The Bird

Bird, Water Fountain

Time for a drink.

A Fish Tale…

fish, aquarium

My latest friend….
He gives me the best advice.

The Boat




leaf, raindrop

…on a leaf.
Photograph made looking out my bathroom window.

the Surfer & the Storm

surfer, surf, surfing, storm, ocean, waves

Early morning at the ocean, a storm coming and
a surfer ready to surf. What could go wrong?

Walking on Sand

Provincetown, Cape Cod, Sand, Beach, Water

The sand under my feet.
At Herring Cove, Provincetown, Cape Cod.


Swim, swimming, pool, water

…of the Little Mermaid.


las vegas, swimming pool, swimmer, swim

In the pool in Las Vegas.


Cape Cod, Provincetown

The tide is out on Cape Cod Bay in Provincetown.

Foot Prints…


…in the sand.

The Lighthouse

Cape Cod, Lighthouse, Provincetown, Boat

The lighthouse on Long Point in Provincetown, Cape Cod.

Rock Port Harbor

boats, harbor, cape ann, massachusetts

Boats in Rock Port Harbor, Cape Ann, Massachusetts.
I captured this photograph several years ago using a medium format camera.
The 120/220 film was scanned on my Nikon 8000 scanner.

Dreaming of Summer!

Disney World, Disney, Florida, Orlando, Swimming, Pool, Water

It’s freezing in the Northeast,
and will be even colder over the weekend.
All I want to do is SWEAT!
All I want is Summer!



the Golden Gate Bridge.
It’s on the northern side, across from San Francisco.
Naturally, it was very foggy when I made the photograph.

The Mysterious Universe…


…in it’s simplest form.

(This is a photograph, not an illustration.)


icicle, water, droplet, melting

…in a water droplet on a melting icicle.



The Sailboat.

A Babbling Brook

water, stream, babbling brook

Water rushing over a rock.
Photograph made with 35mm slide film.


fisherman, boat, boats, harbor

Going to work.

Heavy Fog

Boats in Fog

Heavy fog surrounds boats sitting in the bay.
Waiting for Godzilla to attack.


water reflection

A summertime photograph.



The superhero from DC Comics (the home of Superman & Batman)
makes an appearance in a local pool.

Morning on a Lake

Early Morning on a Lake

Early morning on a lake.
A damaged dock floats in the water.