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iPad Ready

I am now iPad ready. What that means is, when a viewer (potential client) connects to my site, it can now be seen on an iPad or mobile device. For those who didn’t get the news, iPads do not work with Adobe flash. My 2 websites – RJGreenphoto and Rich Green Photography – were a combination of HTML and flash. The HTML was for SEO and the flash was for the photo galleries. With Google Analytics I knew when someone was viewing my site with an iPad and, of course, they didn’t see anything past the opening HTML pages. There weren’t many iPad visitors, but one always has to be ready. Now I am.

Don’t quite understand Google Analytics

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have – if you’re on the web you want to know to who’s coming to your site, how often, how long they’re staying and where they live (plus a whole lot of other info not mentioned here). The big guys have companies that do this work for them. Small businesses, like myself, tend to use Google Analytics because it’s free. And Google is one of those 800 lb gorillas that we can count on, but I still wonder about the value of Analytics even though I use it.

On my New Jersey Corporate Photographer Website I have Google Analytics installed, and  my IP host provides another product that gives the same info as Analytics. So let’s look at the graph above  for Feb 15, 2011. Google says that I had 9 visits for an average time of 11 minutes  10 seconds. “The other guy” says that I had 107 visits for 130 seconds = 2 minutes 10 seconds. Which begs the question – what the heck is going on? This is not an isolated incident. Many times Analytics will tell me that a visitor “100% bounced – 0 time spent” – that means they came to my site and immediately left – however they “viewed” 3 pages on my website. How can anyone “bounce” and see 3 pages? It takes time – even if it’s only 30 seconds – to click on links and visit the pages. And then “the other guy” will record visitors that Analytics doesn’t (and vice versa).

So does anyone have any insight to this situation? What am I missing?