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Can You See Me Now?

I am iPad and iPhone ready. What this means is, when a viewer connects to my website, it can now be seen on an iPad or iPhone. For those who may not know, iPads and iPhones do not work with Adobe flash. My 2 websites – RJGreenphoto and Rich Green Photography – were a combination of HTML and flash. The HTML was for SEO and the flash was for the photo galleries. With Google Analytics I knew when someone was viewing my site with an iPad/iPhone and, of course, they didn’t see anything after opening HTML pages. There weren’t many iPad visitors, but one always has to be ready. Now I am.

On my Rich Green Photography Facebook Page this week I posted a link to a mystery that has plagued humanity – Microsoft’s Research Scientists Finally Solved Why Scammers Say They’re From Nigeria.

It’s #@%# Happening Again!

Several times over the past few years my website contact info – email and phone number – has gotten hijacked and I get numerous phone calls and email messages from various service providers. In the past it’s been home repair services with Sears, real estate “I  hear that you’re selling your property” and today it was mortgage refinance loans. (There’s a 4th scam in there but don’t remember the type of service.) This is a major pain in the backside. It can go on for a month before the calls and emails will finally stop. Yes, I tell every caller, return every email that I am not interested. The folks contacting me also have my sympathy because they’re not the instigators of the problem. Most immediately apologize and take me off their lists, but these lists are distributed to many businesses, hence I get lots of calls/emails. Obviously I can’t take down my website info – potential clients need to find me – but when one problem ends, I wonder how long before the next one starts. I can’t be the only one with this problem. Anyone want to share?