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Windsor Castle


Photograph made several years ago.
Originally with 35mm color film, scanned with Nikon Scanner.

I love the Royal Guard standing by the Castle and the Shadow of the Soldier on the horse.
I wonder if the Queen was inside at the time.

The Great American Landscape

I uploaded new images to my Lifestyle & Portrait website. They’re located under the menu – Travel – second from the left. For me these images are not just landscapes, like the one shown above, but also fall under the category of “Lifestyle”. There are people milling about in New York’s Chinatown. Young women splashing in the fountain at Washington Square Park in Manhattan and another of a Queen’s Guard standing guard at Windsor Castle in England. Please take a look and let me know what you think of the collection.

I’m Moving

Bought a new home yesterday. Came with its own security guard wearing red.