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The Corn Field

Portrait Photography Corn Field Man

Some corn fields grow more than just corn.
Portrait photograph taken along the Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey.

Portrait of a Man Not Wearing Pants

Portrait of a young man

Just kidding about the pants.

Portrait of The Model


And environmental portrait taken on my trip out west last year.

A Portrait in a Museum

Above is another of my child calendar portrait project photos that I wrote about the other day. For this image I took the young man, with his mother accompanying us, to a museum in New York City. I was friends with the family which added to the fun of the day. We walked around the museum and I had the boy pose/stand/interact with a variety of artworks on display. I shot several rolls of B&W film with the final choice shown above. It is still one of my favorite photos.
For those who would like to photograph in a museum, usually the only stipulation is “no flash allowed”.

Portrait of a Young Man

No matter who you are, where you come from, how old you are, what day it is,

when you were born, why things happen only to you —

Angst is a universal concept.

Or maybe I just stepped on his foot while taking the photo, I don’t remember now.