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Bath, England

The Crescent, Bath, England, Great Britain

Several years ago I returned to Bath, England. My first visit was in 1984 when my wife and I traveled to Bath, England. An amazing place to visit. At the time, I spotted “The Crescent” from the bus we were on, and knew someday I’d return. I had to walk the grounds.


winter, cold, freeze, freezing, ice

I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska but haven’t been able to.
This year, Alaska came to me.
It was -4 degrees this morning.


snow, winter, cold, frozen, freezing,

It’s ZERO Degrees outside my front door right now.
With the wind chill factor, I don’t know how low it goes.
My kitchen water pipes are presently frozen.
At 6 AM a neighbor’s car horn went off and didn’t stop
for 30 minutes. I think the owner just didn’t want
to go outside. (It was probably below zero at that time.)


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