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valley of fire state park, nevada, las vegas

A view looking west from the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.


The Eiffel Tower…

Las Vegas Eiffel Tower

…in Las Vegas.

The Model

Portrait, Environmental Portrait, Daughter, Las Vegas, Fashion Model

Portrait of my daughter, somewhere in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, High Roller, Night, Nighttime

The High Roller at night.
The Moon is visible on the left side.



The young lady is my daughter giving me that special look.
“Why are you annoying me Dad?”
“Because it’s what I do best!” I answer.
We were in Las Vegas at the time.
The best place to be annoying.

Vegas, Baby, Vegas

Las Vegas, High Roller, Ferris Wheel

Image made from atop in the High Roller.
It’s Las Vegas’ version of the London Eye.
Highly recommended.


Las Vegas, Night, Nighttime, Zombies

Zombies are everywhere!
Including Vegas…