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March of the Wooden Nutcrackers

Onward they March! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year,
to all and to all a good night.


Portrait of Grandma

As opposed to those pro photographers who wanted to be one from birth, I fell into the profession later in life. My hope was to work in the film industry but that’s ain’t easy. This also explains why I can talk more about John Ford, Buster Keaton and Martin Scorsese than about famous pro photographers. Most of America knows who Ansel Adams is, including myself (of course), but my photo contemporaries can rattle off names that I never could, but I am not a complete rube. We are a world awash in images but when one catches my eye, and most don’t, then I do some research to find out who created that picture. A few years ago on the cover of Time (if it wasn’t Time, then it was Newsweek) was a portrait of Jeff Bridges. He was up for an Academy award for “Crazy Heart”. I stopped whatever I was doing and starred at the image. It was beautiful. I thought, “Who took this picture?” Probably someone the whole world knows about except me, but now it’s my turn. Marco Grob. Jeff Bridges’ portrait is on the website. The portrait above is of my mother. Photographed with a Wisner 4×5 film camera. (Doesn’t compare to Mr. Grob, but I’m trying.)

A Photo Finish

A moment in time.

Beatles – EMI Studio – London

Beatles fans write on the wall just outside EMI Studio.

Visiting Bath

On my recent trip England, I returned to the City of Bath. My last visit was in 1984. It is a beautiful city with ancient Roman baths. The building pictured above is of The Crescent, a guest house and a stunning piece of architecture. Bath Spa, it’s formal name, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

British Philosophy

Some British philosophy from my recent trip to England. Highly recommended.

World Trade Center – Top Floor

My last visit to the World Trade Center was in April 2000. My son wanted to visit and the rooftop was now closed to the public. It was under repair/renovations to be reopened at a later date. The view above was from the topmost floor opened to the public. It was where “Windows on the World” restaurant was located.