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Boats in Fog

Boats in Fog

Boats in Fog.


Snow and Fog

house, snow, fog, winter

An old house, snow and some fog.


Iceland, Glacier, Mountain, Fog

A mountain partially covered in fog and part of a glacier at its base.
The glacier, covered in dirt, is partially exposed. It’s the part that’s blue.

A Foggy Moment

foggy road

A Stephen King moment while driving.

Fog and Mist


I’m am endlessly fascinated by fog and mist.
I love the atmosphere it creates.
The mystery and whether there’s a monster over the horizon.
I’ve watched one-too-many sci-fi movies.
Image captured beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge…

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

…surrounded in fog.

House in Snow…

house, birds, snow, fog, winter, cold. eerie

…and birds on roof.